This is the first Russian magazine about antique dolls. It named «Antikvarnaya Kukla» that means «Antique Doll» in English. Welcome to our site!

May be it seems strange for you, but Russian antique doll collectors never had neither books, nor magazines about antique dolls in Russian before. It’s very difficult to complete collections without information whereas the most of doll books is written in English, you know. And now we try to fill this vacuum and start to run the first Russian magazine.

Who we are?

Editor-in-chef: Alexandra Novikova, art historian, antique doll and mechanic toy collector, expert and researcher, the Faith Prize laureate, the permanent participant of doll shows, owner of private antique doll and toy museum.

Editor: Natalia Kurochkina, antique doll collector, restorer and researcher, from 2010 the permanent participant of Moscow International Doll Salon; personal site: www.happydolls.ru (pages in English as well).

Art-director: Olga Kopylova, doll collector, restorer, designer and photographer, working in the style of nostalgic photocards, the permanent participant of doll shows; personal site: www.retrophotomaster.ru

Literary editor: Joanna Delektorskaya, Candidate of Philological Sciences, author of numerous articles on the history of Russian literature, the «Our Heritage» magazine’s Alexander Block Prize laureate. Works in our magazine from November 2013 (from the sixth issue).

… And not only these persons. We receive the great help from our friends — Russianspeaking doll collectors all over the World. They wish to have their own magazine in Russian so strong! And we appreciate their help so much.